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With a team having a combined 30+ years of global experience in Telecom/SatCom field, related to Go-to-Market, Business Development, Strategic Management Solutions, Partnerships for start-ups and large established solutions and service providers - Eagle Flight Network, Inc. is ready to tackle any project, overcome any obstacles to benefit and enhance the lives of the Indigenous communities in Canada by building and developing a Telecom Infrastructure on Sovereign and Urban Reserves land.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a Telecom Infrastructure,

a data pipeline across Canada together with all Indigenous Nations using Sovereign land.

Eagle Flight Network is working with various 

Telecom and SatCom companies to establish our

own niche market. An economically-viable industry

to be owned by and for Indigenous People, to

service Canada. 

Sovereign Indigenous lands are the best

terrestrial cornerstone for building a strong

and scalable Telecommunication Infrastructure,

a network of Canadian Gateways.

Our Mission


Our world is very dependent on data.


Eagle Flight Network works to become a source

of revenue flowing into your community by

creating a digital ecosystem.


Health, education, finance, government, agriculture, aviation, autonomous automobile,

all forming a cyber secure and trusted system

built on Indigenous land by First Nations people and for First Nation communities .

Management Team

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Scott Brass

CEO & Founder

Scott is a true entrepreneur from The Key (Anishinabek) First Nation, Saskatchewan. Growing up on a farm, he has the skills of building, growing, fixing, sustaining and improving the status quo. Having participated in Canada's excruciating Iron Man™ Marathon four times, Scott demonstrates extreme fortitude and tenacity. He has the essential qualities necessary to envision where the market is going and capitalize on future trends. A born leader, he has built lasting relationships and earned the respect of leaders in diverse communities across the country. Scott successfully built three companies from the ground up and remains a pillar in his community. Being at a stage of life now that provides him opportunity to give back to the First Nation people through his vision, networking skills and hard work on community development projects, Scott endeavors to 'Bridge the Digital Divide' throughout Turtle Island and Canada. 

During his international tenure of 25+ years Gelu was engaged and directly responsible for leading the growth of integrated telecommunication solutions – cloud, collocation, wireless, fiber and satellite - to domestic and international corporate networks, ISP's, MNO's, NGO’s, MSP's, US Government, Foreign Governments, Education Sector, Health Care, VAR's, Distributors and Resellers. Gelu is a growth catalyst, a true 'rainmaker', loves challenges and improving status quo, always focused on delivering the best customer experience. As an Advisor, Consultant and Board Member his responsibilities with EFN will involve Go-To-Market and Business Development strategies, partnerships and alliances.


Gelu T. Chira


SVP Business Development

Annie Brass

Hailing from Kawacatoose First Nation in Saskatchewan, Annie joins us with over 30 years experience in public relations and community development. Having worked with First Nations communities throughout Canada as a front line worker Annie recognizes the need for indigenous growth and expansion. In 2019 Annie was the recipient of the Governor Generals intangible cultural heritage award for her participation in the Kronau museum history minutes, a video diary documenting first nations oral history of powwow. Ms. Brass is a firm believer in First Nation self determination and financial independence.

Annie Brass

Director of Marketing & Public Relations

With over 20 year experience Andrew leads our field operations. Accredited and certified in construction safety he also manages code compliance, inspections and permitting. Andrew is engaged from conception to completion providing the real world experience necessary for effective planning and delivering. He plays a critical role in managing outcomes ensuring all stakeholders meet project milestones on time and on budget.

He understands the significance of building a better future for First Nations. Andrew has worked with Scott Brass for the last 10 years.

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Andrew Goler

Director of Projects & Infrastructure

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