Scott Brass

Okimaw - CEO & Founder 



Scott is a true entrepreneur from The Key (Anishinabek) First Nation, Saskatchewan. Growing up on a farm, he has the skills of building, growing, fixing, sustaining and improving the status quo. Having participated in Canada's excruciating Iron Man™ Marathon four times, Scott demonstrates extreme fortitude and tenacity. He has the essential qualities necessary to envision where the market is going and capitalize on future trends.

A born leader, he has built lasting relationships and earned the respect of leaders in diverse communities across the country. Scott successfully built three companies from the ground up and remains a pillar in his community. Being at a stage of life now that provides him opportunity to give back to the First Nation people through his vision, networking skills and hard work on community development projects, Scott endeavors to 'Bridge the Digital Divide' throughout Turtle Island and Canada.

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