collaboration only ways to make a difference for Treaty 6 confederacy nations, say chiefs


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Space Economy

"The space economy is booming, with some estimates projecting it to reach $1 trillion by 2040. Here are four trends that will shape the commercialization of space in 2022." - U.S. Chamber of Commerce


COVID-19 & Canada

"How COVID-19 worsens Canada's digital divide" - CBC

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Think Summit Canada

"Bridging the digital divide." -Think Summit Canada

Providing connectivity across the nation.

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Bridging the Digital Divide with
Mike Lindsay

"Most of us take internet access for granted, but nearly 50% of the world's population cannot readily connect to the education, health, commerce and entertainment tools that we benefit from. This digital divide affects us all, as it prevents us from tapping into the full breadth of human experience, but satellites can solve the problem and allow the internet to reach even the most remote and rural parts of the world. Mike Lindsay is a constellation designer and, in this talk, he shares his vision of sustainable progress that will not compromise the space environment." -TEDx Talks


The negative impact of the digital divide on the Indigenous youth's future

"A new report highlights the digital divide between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada and it raises concerns about the growing gap and how it could affect Indigenous youths’ financial futures and ability to thrive." -CBC News: The National


CRTC Broadband Fund

"CRTC Broadband Fund to help improve broadband Internet access services for five communities in Alberta and Nova Scotia" - Government of Canada


High-Speed Access for All

"A Message from the Minister of Rural Economic Development" - Government of Canada