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Very recently I was back home at my mom's house. My mom lives on the Kawacatoose First Nation in Saskatchewan. During the time I was at my mom's I was also working on this website.

The website had items I needed to download and I also needed to upload items. My mom's internet connection is by a local satellite provider. It took me nearly 1/2 hour to upload 4 pictures onto my website. I became so impatient and was not able to do my work properly!! At one point the information that I included began to upload, and then to my dismay something happened and a link or connection failed and I had to re load my work. This was so frustrating!!

I eventually decided that it would be better for me to tether my own personal data from my phone to my laptop. I have what is called an unlimited data package from a local provincial cell phone company. Long story short, unlimited data has a 10GB limit. I found this out as once I worked on the web site for 3 hours, my limit was reached and my speeds slowed significantly!!

Sigh... so there it was, the "Rez Internet" experience, thus confirming the need for Eagle Flight Network in local First Nations and all other Indigenous and Rural communities! Once we begin with the LEO Satellite connections slow speeds with be a thing of the past!!

If you have any thoughts or comments regarding your Reserve/Communities internet speed let me know in the comments!


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